Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Milo is an omega who just wants to belong. But when a date sprouts fangs and nearly attacks him, Milo runs. Lost in the woods, he’s sure he only has a slim chance of surviving. But Milo’s rescued by a bear and the shock makes him pass out and, when he wakes up, he’s safe and warm. The man Milo meets is gorgeous, and there’s something about Everett that pulls him in.

Everett knows there’s something off about the story from the alpha who called for a search and rescue, and the moment he finds the human omega, Everett knows the truth. Milo is his fated mate. But Milo doesn’t know anything about the supernatural world, and Ev is more concerned about keeping Milo safe than about mating him. Though his bear disagrees.

Milo’s attacker is relentless though, and Milo agrees to stay in Grizzly Ridge for his safety. But he knows the family is keeping secrets, and he feels like he’s going crazy. Once he learns the truth, it’s a lot to take in, but he can’t help but believe Everett after everything he’s seen and what he feels. It takes time before Milo’s ready to complete the mating, but just when he’s on the verge of being the happiest he’s ever been, things take a terrible turn. However, Everett will do anything to keep his mate safe.

The Bear’s Brave Omega is the first book in what appears to be a series, and it follows the formula of a good fated mates story. There’s nothing too surprising here, but it works well together, along with a side of alpha/omega dynamics and male pregnancy. Add in the shifters, and it’s a sweet story with just a bit of action.

The author has developed a whole cast of characters and, at the end of this book, dropped information for the next book to come with a secondary character. Milo has spent most of his life alone, having no idea who his parents are and growing up in the system. He’s made a life for himself though, and he’s welcomed into Everett’s family with open arms. Milo doesn’t fully trust it, and understandably so, but he wants to be part of it badly. Everett, for his part, is a bit growly and grumpy, and certainly overprotective. It’s who he is at his core, and it comes out even stronger in regards to his mate. I liked watching them find their way to each other as they got to know one another and the secrets are revealed.

I will say the prose gets a big saccharine at times. Overall, this is pretty much what you would expect from most fated mates stories. There’s an instant connection between the MCs, and they adore each other from the start. It’s fairly low angst, for all that there’s a threat looming, and while there is tension, it’s not overly high and mostly external to the relationship. Milo needs time to wrap his head around the whole truth, but Everett is overly accommodating of his omega. Things are a little too easy between them at times, and I would have liked to see a little more development of some of the plot points. Particularly, I thought that Milo’s acceptance and then jumping into mating came too quickly.

This is an easy read with a cast of lovely secondary characters to flesh out the main story, and MCs who fit just right. If you’re a fan of mpreg and alpha/omegas, as well as shifters, then check this one out.