Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella


This is the second novella in the Kings: A Treemendous Christmas series and the books are best enjoyed when read in order. This story also centers on established couples from the Four Kings Security universe and features characters for whom there is a lot of backstory in previous books. In this case the main focus is on Jack and Fitz from Stacking the Deck: Wild Cards #1.

Jack Constantino is a tech wizard who runs all the communications and surveillance pieces of Four Kings Security. He fell hard for Fitz Harlow, a former fashion model turned hair stylist. Jack and Fitz danced around one another for two years after their first connection, while Fitz used therapy to work his way past the impact of abusive and cheating partners. Jack eventually found the courage to approach the beautiful man of his dreams. They are together now, and they love one another dearly.

However, Jack is haunted by his own traumas after an employee went rogue and nearly killed him. This means Jack refuses to delegate or accept help and he works to obsessive levels trying to do everything himself. Though the men are together, Jack is often working to excess and not taking care of himself–or Fitz. He’s essentially lonely in the crowd of their friendships.

So, while they’re whisked away to Winterhaven by Colton and Ace for a spectacular Christmas break, Jack’s spending every waking hour repairing the electric system for the Ice Palace and putting his body and relationship at risk. Fitz can’t handle seeing Jack miss meals and sleep for work any longer. Jack’s behavior isn’t only affecting his relationship with Fitz, his best friend Joker is fed up, too. And so are the other Kings. An intervention is necessary, and gentle, loving Fitz is just the man to manage it.

This book really hit home for me as a person with a history of taking on too many projects and getting overwhelmed by them, to my detriment. Fitz and Jack are both great guys, but they have a big disconnect they need to hurdle. I loved how Fitz loved Jack through it, both with caution and care. Fitz is not a man to be set aside, he knows his value, and Jack was able to overcome some of his issues, while making good choices for his future and his health. I loved how their partnership came out stronger in the end. It’s definitely a happy ending.

This series continues to push forward. The Winterhaven technical struggles have been fixed, but the Christmas season won’t be saved if there are no tourists. For fans of these series, it’s a love fest that won’t be stopped, not by opportunistic exes, Ace-induced accidents, or wild Leo chases.