getting him backRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Ethan followed his high school boyfriend off to college only to get dumped immediately upon arriving. Ethan had his future all planned out with Blake, and recovering from the hurt is tough. But he is also determined to enjoy college and try to move forward with new friends and new experiences.

When Ethan meets Blake’s grouchy, hoodie-wearing roommate, he is intrigued and definitely wants to get to know Wyatt better. Ethan starts with a request for tutoring, and there is definitely a connection between the two of them. After a hook up that confirms for Wyatt that he is in fact gay, Ethan thinks things are moving forward. But Wyatt keeps running scared, nervously avoiding Ethan, making cryptic comments about his past, and taking steps back for every movement forward.

There is definitely something between the young men. The sex is hot, the connection between them is growing, and Ethan really wants to get to know Wyatt better. But between Blake having a change of heart, and Wyatt’s anxiety about moving things forward, it may be tough for Ethan and Wyatt to find happiness together.

Hurray! A new series by one of my favorite authors, K.A. Mitchell! I am such a huge fan and this series totally hits my sweet spot with this tale of young love. I loved the set up here, with Ethan coming to college to be with Blake, only to find his imagined future gone as soon as he arrives. Ethan is such an enthusiastic, friendly guy. But he also lets himself get caught up too easily, planning his whole life with Blake and kind of smothering him. His friends accuse him of living in his own world where he sees things the way he wants them to be and doesn’t give enough focus on the reality.

Ethan is all in so fast, but when he is dealing with Wyatt, he has to take a bit of a step back and give him some time to open up and feel comfortable. So Ethan is an incredibly likable guy, but we also get to see some growth from him and some increased self awareness over the course of the book. And Wyatt is so endearing, clearly struggling with this relationship and issues he is having trouble discussing. I really loved them together and I am so excited to see that the series will continue to follow these guys going forward.

This is just a fun, entertaining story about two likable guys. Mitchell gets the feel of college life and the relationships among the characters feel real. I loved the dynamic between Ethan and Wyatt and the way that Ethan slowly leads Wyatt out of his reserved and kind of anxious place. They are adorable together and the story is light and fun, with some humor, lots of heart, and nice heat between the guys. I really loved Getting Him Back and can’t wait for more from the series.

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